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Gun Policy in America: An Overview

If there were better gun laws, that number would be zero.

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It is horrible to think that we can live in a country, a world, where so many people die and are taken from their families so violently. Research Papers words 3 pages. People with guns have fought and won our freedom from many different countries. Since we have had guns for so long in America, it has become a tradition to get or own a gun. It would make people go insane if the people got their right to bear arms taken away from the government Alters2 1 of 8. Since the beginning of fire arms it has become a tradition for most families in America.

Firearm ownership has been an America tradition and it has been in America since the early s when England sent people to North America Research Papers words 6. Anti-gun control lobbyists are buying their way into the debate in order to keep gun policies the same. The amount of blood spilled because of the wrong people having possession of such dangerous weapons is terrifying. Background checks are an essential measure that should be taken to limit the murder rate, stop mass shootings, and make communities safe America Needs Gun Control Laws.

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Need Writing Help? Louisiana Needs Gun Control Laws! Essay - In Louisiana, gun ownership is one of the most valued rights because many see it as the only means for self-defense. Essay on America Needs More Gun Control Laws - A shooting here; a shooting there; an every day occurrence heard in the newspapers and on the news channels on television.

Search Term:. The National Firearms Act was not created to make money, but to lower the crime rate and make it impossible for people to buy and sell automatic-fire weapons. Today the government should create a different Act that will prevent certain guns from being sold to Americans and avoid certain citizens from owning guns.

Essays About Firearms Regulation

It should depend on where the person resides, if the person has a clean background, and passes the psychological evaluation. Once they qualify for gun ownership, they can be told what firearms they can and cannot own. For example, if an American wants to own a shotgun he should be able too. However, he has to have a clean background, be mentally stable and give reason as to why he wants a shotgun. Another example is if an American wants to own a Browning M2, the government should not be allowed him to own one. Machine guns should be banned although the armed forces can be the only ones who own them.

America Needs Gun Control Essay

Also, having control of who can sell firearms is important because the government can monitor and control what types of guns are being sold. Today the Federal Firearms Act would works for today even though it was enacted in The Federal Firearms Act is beneficial today because the government can monitor who is selling illegal firearms.

Requiring gun sellers to record the names and addresses of the people they have sold guns to can help police track down suspects if the person caused harm with a firearm. Prohibiting gun sellers from selling guns to people who were convicted of certain crimes can reduce gun violence because it would be harder for them to buy guns.

Prohibiting guns to the people who lack a permit also reduce gun violence.

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  • Argumentative Essay Sample On Gun Control: Is It An Effective Way to Limit Crime?.

By having a permit, it shows the person is mentally stable and responsible to own a gun because the person has a clean background and passed the psychological evaluation. The Federal Firearms Act will not stop all gun violence, but it can monitor the guns that are being bought and if they are legal or not. The Federal Firearms Act can organize the gun control system and lower the percentage of people who should not be allowed to own guns. It can also lead the way to preventing gun related deaths. Yet there still are Americans who believe the United States does not need gun control laws.

Americans who are against the government restricting the types of guns civilians should have are not aware gun control is important because there are people who will take advantage of the power firearms. The federal government? Being armed does not make Americans responsible; paying taxes, being a good citizen and helping the community makes an American responsible. Owning firearms is a choice not a responsibility. Besides, the Second Amendment has never been updated, before being armed meant being responsible because the United States did not have law enforcement to protect Americans like today.

Argumentative Essay Sample On Gun Control: Is It An Effective Way to Limit Crime?

In Canada people own as many guns as the United States, but they lived peacefully and their gun related deaths are a hundred times lower. Canadians have guns because a majority of them are hunters or own guns for their own entertainment, like gun shooting ranges.

They are not in fear and do not have a broken mental health system. We should restrict the types of guns Americans can own, like military guns and give people who are capable of owning a gun a license. I am not one hundred percent sure what side I am in. Sometimes I can be very opened minded about gun ownership and sometimes I feel no one should own a gun. What I am sure of is that the people of the United States need to compromise. Compromise would make the United States able to focus more on other social problems like unemployment.

America will always have guns and the fact is many Americans want to own guns. Constitution give people the right, or should guns be restricted or banned because they are used in the commission of many crimes?

Improving Gun Policy Research

Some argue that the right to bear arms is not as vital today as it was in the 's, or that it does not apply to individuals. Others argue that it is an individual right guaranteed by the Constitution to own a firearm. It is obvious that the nation does not want guns in the hands of convicted felons; however it is necessary that guns be not confiscated from law-abiding citizens.

Not only does gun control end up disarming the innocent but it also violates the Second Amendment. By taking away guns from the American citizens, whom the Second Amendment bestowed onto us this act violates our rights. Unfortunately for those who have legally armed themselves for self-defense, gun control would eventually strip away their ability to fend for themselves.

Gun control will also end up causing. Since the early days, gun control has been a never-ending debate. It is because of the fast increase in crime, the fight for the right to own a hand gun, the introduction of legislation for gun control in order reduce the crime in the United States, that this issue has been hotly debated in recent years.

James Corden on Gun Control in America

The streets of America are now a war zone especially right here were we live. Florida has the highest crime rate of any state and the sixth highest homicide level? A sad fact but. The gun laws in California are for the most part the strictest in the United States. In order to purchase a gun legally, one must obtain a firearm safety certificate by passing a written test.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | Gun Control Paper Gun Control has been an issue Gun Control Throughout America there is the constant debate concerning the. Free Essay: For years proposals for gun control and the ownership of firearms have been among the most controversial issues in modern American politics. The .

There is a day waiting period as well as several limitations on who may own a firearm. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are two democratic candidates who recently had a presidential debate in Flint Michigan for the election. The Debate on Gun Control The debate concerning gun control has recently become as popular as ever. People question if guns are really necessary. Some wonder that if the government regulates who has the right to own a gun crime rates and death could decrease in the Unites States. How can we conclude which side is right if they both strongly believe in their argument?

There are always two sides to.