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Short Essay on The Educational System in India

It is right say that a good education for all children is important, as well as the role of government is essential, due to factor of have the major responsibility to give support, and offer to every child an educational opportunity through of public school system. Educated people make an educated nation, as well as education allow us to open our minds to improve ourselves, our environment, our world, and to make educated choices about our future.

Through of education, the students have more opportunities to improve their skills, and also gain more knowledge in their professional field. And, in respect of country obtain a good development social, and economical, a good education system is needed. Have a good education system, the schools, institutes, and universities need obtain a good structure of learning, and teaching for children, and students.

The main role of structure of teaching, and learning became complex, where great majority of society think that, the schools are major responsible for teaching, and learning of students. Nevertheless, parents, and society, must work as whole, having as result of make them prepared for the society. The structure of environment at schools given to the students, should occur healthy, not just physically, but also mentally, and socially.

The comfort, is required and, the classes must be well ventilated, and large enough to accommodate the students, and even though some schools obtain smaller classes, is essential obtain small group of students, then teacher will have more flexibility for teaching, and give individual attention to them. In conclusion, to have a good education system, the society and government must work as whole, because the future of society and progress of country is comparatively reflected by the success of students in their education.

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It's easy to do. Education Institutions have a responsibility to dissuade students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Education is as vital and as food and shelter. It plays an important role in moulding one's career. In recent times, a lot of students couldn't pursue their career through their relevant field of study due to lack of proper guidance. In this essay I would give my viewpoints on the significance of education Institutions handling this delicate issue.

Education Institute need not only impart education but create awareness among the students about various careers relating to their field of interest.

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To begin with, schools should conduct activities to bring out the talent of a child and demonstrate careers related to it. In addition to it, they should involve their parents to support them and conduct regular counseling sessions for them. Secondly, every institutions should compulsorily announce scholarship seats. It helps in forming batches with real talents. These people surely brings fame to the institutes and every Institutes look forward for the same. Finally, the most debated point of recent time is to eradicate quota based admissions for minority sections of Society.

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Eventually, by doing this, most eligible student can get to study and not the one who enters through some quota. On the other hand, we will find many education Institutions corrupt.

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Unlike, other countries, Indian reputed schools demand donations and high fees , which a middle and lower middle class set of people cant afford. However, many of them after completion of their secondary school, they opt for courses depending upon their fee paying capacity and not their caliber. This situation have made thousands of students bury their dreams. To conclude, Education Institutions can make or break one's career. Its regarded a holy place for every student and any step taking by the Institute impacts the students life.

So, providing the right guidance to its every students should be their prime focus, this can bring prosperity to the society as a whole. Some people think only students who get the best academic results should be rewarded. Other say that students who show improvements be rewarded? Discuss both points of view and give your opinion. It is indisputable that rewards and incentives motivate individuals to keep working for better results and improvement.

Students, particularly need this motivation to concentrate and keep focused in their studies. That is the only possible way by rewarding them for their achievement and efforts no matter whether they are higher score achiever or students who show improvement in their studies. Student of all level try to improve when they have a feeling that their hard work is going to be appreciated. Many universities and colleges have rewards and scholarships programs so that student can feel appreciated for the efforts they have made.

Consequently, these little incentives and rewards play an indispensable role later in their career and practical life. On the other hand, many student also drop out from schools and universities just because they are not appreciated and encouraged to work hard so that they keep focused until they complete their studies.

However, most of the time, average and weak students are discouraged and bullied in schools and universities. As a result, they decide to drop out and give up.

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Consequently, they end up doing work in factories as a labor with the feeling of inferior complex. Universities and schools are required some amendments in their policies to address these issues and take appropriate steps in well and balanced manner to reward all students since everyone has a right to have a better career. You can feedback below. Click here to post comments. Some people think that schools should select students according to their academic abilities, while others believe that it is better to have students with different abilities studying together.

Discuss both views and state your own opinion.

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Indian education system has changed over the time. A major change in our education system came with the colonization of the country by the Britishers. Present Education System in India Essay • If education means 'a continuous reconstruction we find that the present system of education in India has lost that.

Few individuals exhort that school should select students based on their academic profile, while others advocate it with different abilities. Some children born with innate abilities, and some learn with experience.

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While both of them are important for the development of society, I believe that students should not be discriminated according to their academic abilities. Smart and intelligent students represent the face of country. In schools, they learn how to handle economic problems, poverty and employment issues. If they are not getting opportunities to learn how to handle these rudimentary issues, then a country could observe a decline in overall growth. It is only possible, if students are segregated based on their academic profile and interest.

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Jump to Page. Just quite frequently, the programs are also distance learning program of those institutes. There have been many changes to the education system of India in the years since their independence, but there is not much to show for the changes that have been made to their system since the quality of education material, as well as the quality of educators has made little improvement. Eleventh Plan Targets for Elementary Education :. It arms an individual to the well being of self as well as that of the society. Technical Education plays a vital role in human resource development of the country by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of life.

Teachers can pay close attention to them, which would help them to grow academically. It has been empirically proven that, if students are selected based on their capabilities, they can perform better in every aspect. Conversely, it is not fare to teach students based on their abilities. If teaching both types of students together, weak students can get motivation from them, which could eventually increase skills and abilities.

Jawarlal Nehru, first prime minister of India said, "country can only prosper, when education institute stop discriminating students and teach them equally. Eventually, teaching without discrimination will create a pool of individuals with different skill set, which could increase the growth prospect of a country.

In conclusion, it is prudent to advice and encourage bright students, whilst we should not neglect others. Students are the building blocks of future. My personal opinion schools should not discriminate students based on their abilities. Some people think that all university students should study whatever they like. Others believe that they should only be allowed to study subjects that will be useful in the future, such as those related to science and technology.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Nowadays, more and more students are unconscious about how to choose their major. They think if they need to choose the subject that they love or choose the subject that is good and useful for the society in the future. It is no doubt that there are some benefits to study a major is about the technology and science. If most of the students study these kinds of major, there will be a sharp increase in the technical development, the productivity will be improved and produce more high-tech products, as a result, the living standard will be better that before and it will have a rise in the economic growth.

Moreover, students may get high salary, if they find a job that needs a lot of skill about technology or science. On the other hand, the others think that students need to study the subject that they love it. In addition, different people have different favorite major, not all the students only study technology and science, it can makes the society develop in many kinds of ways, such as literature, art, sports.

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In conclusion, I believe that students need to choose the subject that they love, the reason for this is students can have more incentive to study and they can have a good mark in their exam. There is a lot credit that should go to India institutes that study science, as that has helped improve the economy in India over the last few years.

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There are a lot of private schools in India, and they compliment the public school system. These are students between the ages of 6 and There are many post-secondary technical schools that are private too. The report in India shows that over The report said that there were urban children enrolled in accredited schools. There are accredited urban and rural schools in India, and the fact that there are children in the schools in , shows that there has been an increase of 2. The quantity of India education is okay at the moment, but there are many schools that are simply not good.

The Indian government has started testing to see which schools are doing well and which are failing. There is a hope that the state of schools will improve so that students may get a good education no matter which schools they go to.