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Summary of “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes

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There are many references to darkness, blackness and the moon which create an exciting and romantic atmosphere keeping the reader in suspense. The first lines which include powerful metaphors such as "The wind was a torrent of darkness" and "The moon was a ghostly galleon" entice you to read on. Words such as 'ghostly', 'hell', 'blood' and 'death' suggest a sense of danger.

This is stereotypical because no fairytale story of love and separation is complete without a hint of danger. Repetition adds intensity and emphasis to the poem. Alfred Noyes presents a series of dramatic pictures. For example, "She writhed her hands till her fingers were wet with sweat or blood" and also "like a dog on the highway". How about receiving a customized one? His face burned like a brand as the black cascade of perfume……. The characters in the poem do not know Tim the ostler is listening to their plans.

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The reader has information the characters do not. Related Papers.

The Highwayman

Then a volley of shots from the British troops. This horse-hoofs ringing clear; Tlot-tlot, tlot-tlot, in the distance? To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The poet uses techniques such as metaphor and repetition to get this idea across. The poet describes the atmosphere of the moor by night and conveys the suspense of the situation when the redcoats come to arrest the highwayman. Other Themes in the Highwayman Poem include:. The Highwayman.

Help Me With Writing send me this sample Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours 23 : 59 : How about make it original? The last two stanzas in the poem are a repetition of the first two stanzas. This is purposely done to strengthen the rhythmic structure giving fluency. In addition to this, it overall gives the reader a sense of the two lovers still longing for each other despite being dead.

In conclusion, the use of the three techniques explained helps the poet to create a real life moving image creating true like characters and events. These techniques help the reader to engage emotionally with a feeling of anger, sorrow and with a feeling of justice and injustice.

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The poet gets the reader to think about whether justice was done to Bess. Some may argue that she knew of the affairs of her lover and therefore had to live the consequences of her decision. The poet further helps us take on each of the characters in role making us see their perspective more clearly. This helps the reader to make up their own decisions about each of the characters.

In the end, The Highwayman lived a violent life and died a violent death which he deserves.

Describe how Alfred Noyes in The Highwayman creates a stereotypical

The repeating stanzas at end gives the reader the sense that although their lives have ended horridly their love lives on forever. The poet continues to use metaphors throughout the poem.

These seem to be intertwined. In conclusion to this, stanza one is repeated at the end emphasising the continuous importance of the relationship between atmosphere, mood and grim events, in this case the death of both.

The author uses a lot of imagery to describe what is happening in the poem. The three techniques that I am going to write about are similes, metaphors, and repetition. The author uses many similes in the poem, this is usually used to personify make personal to the reader a phrase and can help the reader sustain a better understanding of the story. This gives an image of her red heart which implies she is showing her love to the Highwayman without saying a word.

Describe how Alfred Noyes in The Highwayman creates a stereotypical

Sample of The Highwayman Essay (you can also order custom written The Highwayman essay) Analysis of Sula · Skinwalkers → The Highway man is classified as a narrative poem because it is read by the reader instead of one of the. Alfred Noyes creates tension in his poem, The Highwayman, as does Thomas Hardy in A Trampwoman’s Tragedy. The immediate reaction to both poems is dancer which brings tension and suspense to the texts. Thomas Hardy’s poem has the same effect, A Trampwoman’s Tragedy.

The author uses metaphors throughout the poem giving vivid images of the events happening. Bess is waiting for the Highwayman to come and is waiting for a prize from him. He did not come at sunrise, he did not come at noon, or sunset, or the rise of the moon.

The Highwayman Poem Analysis Essay

As they went round the moor that from a distance their uniform changed colour from red to purple. Metaphors help me because they give me an image of the situation. The Highwayman and Bess are dead. The Highwayman comer riding, riding. Riding, Riding, Riding. This suggests that the Highwayman was riding on his horse for an extremely long time. The Highwayman was coming nearer and nearer to Bess. Her face shined as a sign of danger. She held the gun in her hand and pulled the trigger and warned him with her death.

Her musket destroyed the moonlights light.

When the Highwayman found out that Bess was dead, he was riding on his horse and chasing after the troops he was consumed with grief and rage. He held up his sword to attack them, even though he knew that they were going to kill him.