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Six of the aqueducts flowed into covered containers. Then, the volume was measured by means of calibrated scales. The use of the water was not only used for what was needed, but the water was also utilized for pleasure purposes.

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Because they both show the advancements in technology, it is evident that the attitude toward technology was extremely positive. In fact, many government officials often implemented new ideas in their societies. For example, Tu Shih, who was the governor of Nanyang, invented a water-powered blowing-engine for the casting of iron agricultural implements that allowed people to enjoy great benefit for little labor.

Not only has his invention been widely used, but it has also been adopted and innovated by those who use it.

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Throughout the years, his invention was cleverly improved in such a way that the ending benefit was increased a hundredfold. There were times, as well, when government officials wrote to local officials describing exactly what needed to be done to assist in current problems.

Though the government officials came up with such an in-depth plan and strategy, the local officials ultimately made the final call, tailoring the governmental plan to fit the individuality of each town. This proves that the Han Empire had a positive attitude about technology, and were still completely open to the aspects of change and advancements. In Document 3, an upper-class Han philosopher named Huan Tan expresses, with great enthusiasm, his point of view of the evolution of the pestle and the mortar throughout the years.


DBQ Essay Han and Roman Attidtudes Toward Technology Han and Roman Attitudes toward Technology The Han and the Roman empires had 3 and 4 analyze how people in the Han Dynasty thought that technology was a gift that. Free Essay: "Using the documents, analyze Han and Roman attitudes toward technology. Identify one additional type of document and explain.

In the document, it goes in depth describing all of the innovations and advancements the pestle and the mortar have gone through. In Document 3, Huan Tan conveys the story of how Fuxi, who, though mythological, was an emperor, created something, which was improved by regular commoners.

Han and Roman Views on Technology

This shows that unlike the Roman philosopher in Document 7, Huan Tan shows no discrimination against the lower classes. He does not feel that in order for truly excellent work, you must have a philosopher title.

He understands that ordinary people can be the most brilliant at times, and finds the entire concept of advancement in technology astounding. An additional document I feel would be beneficial in helping to convey my thesis would be a journal entry from the point of view of a Han Peasant, depicting their attitude towards the new advancements in technology.

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This is needed because every document we were given was written from the perspective of an upperclassmen. In order to more accurately answer the question, I feel like we should have an understanding of every socioeconomic class. Before beginning it must be stated that every single document provided is written by some body in the upper class, giving no insight into how the lower classes or peasants felt about technology. This provides a very limited view point into the different attitudes, as the upper class way not the majority. Plus, there are no documents from women, leaving the reader to guess what women felt about the technology they used, how it helped them, or was all technology geared toward helping men in those patriarchal societies?

A document from either of these sources would provide great insight into the attitudes toward technology in each nation. The Hans seem to feel that technology was about helping the people.

Han dynasty and roman empire dbq essay

As demonstrated in the letter in Doc 1, the first goal of technology is to ward off disaster, in this case a flood. This demonstrates a concern for the people, or at least the property giving the impression that technology is there to aid the Chinese. This impression is increased by the obvious concern shown by Huan Guan in the second document, where he writes about the problems the lack of technology, such as iron plows, is having on the people.

Huan Guan points how technology has became useless as the tools are poor quality and ineffective all around, so the main concern with the Hans about technology is its usefulness. Document 4 continues, even amplifies this self-glorification as its sings the praises of Tu Shih.

The Roman attitude, on the other hand, shows little to no concern to how the common man will benefit from technology.

Plutarch shows some appreciation towards technology in Doc. This is a bit of technology that will do absolutely no good toward the common man, only to those who are wealthy enough to afford a horse to ride. Indeed Add Doc Extra Info: Mandate of Heaven POV 1 the only document where the Romans show concern to technology that will benefit commoners is in Doc 8, where Frontinus goes on and on about the Roman aqueducts, declaring them better than the pyramids.

However this prideful view of the aqueducts comes from a water commissioner for the city of Rome, of course he paints the aqueducts as the biggest thing before sliced bread, his job is to bring water to Rome, part of his income depends on the aqueducts being marvelous Roman inventions.

Han And Roman Perspective Of Technology

What these documents truly show, however, is not so much the differing views of the Hans and Romans toward technology, but rather their differing views toward commoners, toward the poor and unfortunate in their kingdom. The Han documents show glimpses of compassion; the Romans show naught but cold indifference. Related documents. Additional Document. Half termly letter — Remarkable Romans 2. Doc Ref Sentence.

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The World of Late Antiquity. Chapter 5 Quiz Roman and Han Empires 1. The economic wealth of. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. DBQ - Avnish.