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It is the computer which process customer information that is fed to it through the credit card, it detects the transaction, and it then pays the bill by subtracting the amount from the credit card. Getting cash has also been made easier and faster, an individual simply walks to an ATM machine to withdraw any amount of cash he requires. ATM machines operate using computer technology Saimo 1. I mentioned the use of credit cards as one of the practical benefits of using computers. Today, individual do not need to physically visit shopping stores to buy items.

All one needs is to be connected on the internet and by using a computer one can pay for items using the credit card. These can then be delivered at the door step. The era where people used to queue in crowded stores to buy items, or wasting time in line waiting to buy tickets is over. Today, travelers can buy tickets and make travel arrangements via the internet at any time thanks to the advent of computer technology Saimo 1. Through the computer, man now has the most effective means of communication. The internet has made the world a global village. Today people carry with them phones, which are basically small computers, others carry laptops, all these have made the internet most effective and affordable medium of communication for people to contact their friends, their families, contact business people, from anywhere in the world.

Businesses are using computer technology to keep records and track their accounts and the flow of money Lee 1. In the area of entertainment, computers have not been left behind either. Action and science fiction movies use computers to incorporated visual effects that make them look real. Computer games, a common entertainer especially to teenagers, have been made more entertaining with the use of advanced computer technology Frisicaro et.

The education sector has also been greatly influenced by computer technology. Much of the school work is done with the aid of a computer.

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The first automatic computer was made in in the U. You can understand, that it was not very comfortable to use it and because of it, people developed it and tried to make it more comfortable for everyday life. In the era of the rapid growth of technology, computers take one of the highest places among popular devices which people use nowadays. In the modern world of technological advancement, computer is the amazing gift given by the science to us. This has ultimately resulted in technology always being at our fingertips. The computer cannot exercise judgement or commonsense. In the future, with new information technology features that will be introduced, many jobs would be either reduced or turned into computer based work.

If students are given assignments all they have to do is search for the solution on the internet using Google. The assignments can then be neatly presented thanks to computer software that is made specifically for such purposes. Today most high schools have made it mandatory for students to type out their work before presenting it for marking. This is made possible through computers. Teachers have also found computer technology very useful as they can use it to track student performance.

They use computers to give out instructions. Computers have also made online learning possible. Today teachers and students do not need to be physically present in class in order to be taught. Online teaching has allowed students to attend class from any place at any time without any inconveniences Computers 1. Another very crucial sector in the life of man that computers has greatly influenced and continues to influence is the health sector.

A Look at the Importance of Computer Skills

It was already mentioned in the introduction that hospitals and pharmacies employ the use of computers in serving people. Computers are used in pharmacies to help pharmacists determine what type and amount of medication patients should get. Patient data and their health progress are recorded using computers in many hospitals. The issue of equipment status and placement in hospitals is recorded and tracked down using computers. Research done by scientists, doctors, and many other people in the search to find cures for many diseases and medical complications is facilitated through computer technology.

Many of the diseases that were known to be dangerous such as malaria are now treatable thanks to computer interventions Parkin Many of the opponents of computer technology have argued against the use of computers basing their arguments on the fact that computers are replacing man when carrying out the basic activities that are naturally human in nature. However, it should be noted that there are situations that call for extraordinary interventions. In many industries, machines have replaced human labor.

Use of machines is usually very cheap when compared to human labor. In addition machines give consistent results in terms of quality. There are other instances where the skills needed to perform a certain task are too high for an ordinary person to do.

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However, machines that are computer operated have made complex surgeries successful. There are also cases where the tasks that are to be performed may be too dangerous for a normal human being. Such situations have been experienced during disasters such as people being trapped underground during mining. It is usually dangerous to use people in such situations, and even where people are used, the rescue is usually delayed. Robotic machines that are computer operated have always helped in such situations and people have been saved.

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It is not also possible to send people in space duration space explorations, but computer machines such as robots have been effectively used to make exploration outside our world Gupta 1. Despite all these good things that computers have done to humans, their opponents also have some vital points that should not just be ignored. There are many things that computers do leaving many people wondering whether they are really helping the society, or they are just being used to deprive man his God given ability to function according to societal ethics.

Take for instance in the workplace and even at home; computers have permeated in every activity done by an individual thereby compromising personal privacy. Computers have been used to expose people to unauthorized access to personal information. Today the world does not care about ethics to the extent that it is very difficulty for one to clearly differentiate between what is and is not authentic or trustful.

Computers have taken up every aspect of human life, from house chores in the home to practices carried out in the social spheres. This has seen people lose their human element to machines. Industries and organizations have replaced human labor for the cheap and more effective machine labor. This means that people have lost jobs thanks to the advances made in the computer technology. Children using computers grow up with difficulties of differentiating between reality and fiction Subrahmanyam et. People depend on computers to do tasks.

Students generate solutions to assignments using computers; teachers on the other hand use computers to mark assignments.

Doctors in hospitals depend on machines to make patient diagnoses, to perform surgeries and to determine type of medications Daley In the entertainment industry, computer technology has been used to modify sound to make people think that person singing is indeed great, but the truth of the matter is that it is simply the computer.

This has taken away the really function of a musician in the music sector. In the world of technology today, we live as a worried lot. The issue of hacking is very common and even statistics confirm that huge amounts of money are lost every year through hacking.

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Therefore, as much as people pride themselves that they are computer literate, they deeply worried that they may be the next victim to practices such as hacking Bynum 1. There is also the problem of trying to imitate God.

It is believed that in 20 years time, man will come up with another form of life, a man made being. This will not only affect how man will be viewed in terms of his intelligence, but it will also break the long held view that God is the sole provider of life. Computers have made it possible to create artificial intelligence where machines are given artificial intelligence so that they can behave and act like man.

This when viewed from the religious point of view creates conflicts in human beliefs.

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It has been long held that man was created in the image of God. Creating a machine in the image of money will distort the way people conceive of God. Using artificial methods to come up with new forms of life with man like intelligence will make man equate himself to God. This carries the risk of changing the beliefs that mankind has held for millions of years.

If this happens, the very computer technology will help by the use of mass media to distribute and convince people to change their beliefs and conceptions of God Krasnogor 1. We have seen that computer have and will continue to influence our lives.

The advent of the computers has changed man as much as it has the world he lives in.